Australian’s in the American Film Industry Awards

26th October 2014

Held at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows Resort in Santa Monica, Margot attended the event, where she was nominated for the Breakthrough Award which she ended up winning. Hilariously, she also suffered a wardrobe malfunction as her heel snapped on stage!

For her outfit, she was wearing a #Dion Lee layered dress from their Resort 2015 collection.

She also wore a pair of #ChristianLouboutin “So Kate” Pumps.

All of Margot’s jewellery came from the designer #Carrie Hoffman. Her first earrings are the Polyhedron Studs worn on each ear.

She also wore their Long & Short Drop Bar Studs

The last earring is their Wide Band Ear Cuff in her left ear.

Finally on her left hand she wore their Bar and Chain Double Finger Ring.

As mentioned above, Margot’s shoe broke when she was on stage 😬 So for a photoshoot straight after she quickly changed into a pair of #StuartWeitzman Nudist Ankle-Strap Sandal.

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