Hosting Carmella Dinner

20th March 2014

On this day, Margot, alongside her then stylist Christina Ehrlich hosted a dinner supporting the release of the recent Carmella collection, a now defunct brand.

Margot wore the #Carmella “Lilliana” Top.

She also wore their “Livia” Skirt.

Onto her jewellery, for earrings Margot wore a pair of #JacquieAiche Diamond & 14K Yellow Gold Five-Bezel Single Studs N/A

On her left hand she wore a #JacquieAiche Kitty Ring.

She also wore a Jacquie Aiche Pave Diamond V Ring.

On her right hand, Margot wore a #JacquieAiche Smooth Diamond Chain Ring (silver pictured).

On her left hand she wore a #JacquieAiche 7 Diamond Finger Bracelet.

Looking perfect with the colour scheme of her outfit, Margot carried a #Fendi Jewel Embellished Leather Clutch (similar colour pictured).

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