Margot Robbie Stars as Harley Quinn Wearing Tania Clarke Hall

If you take a look at my stories you will notice a new highlighted story that I’ve added as a disclaimer of sorts. Please do read it as it’s a friendly reminder to please do your own research into the ID’s I post before you buy.

Basically don’t come for me if you purchase an item and it’s wrong.

I try my best to get Harley ID’s and I am fairly certain this is a match, thanks to @harlslilmonster!

I believe Harley Quinn has a new choker design in the form of the Tania Clarke Hall Neck Raffle Black and Red Choker. Made from Black saddle leather, it features a red edge, ribbon tie and adjustable o-rings. It is available to purchase for £280.

If it’s not an exact, it’s a bloody good dupe 🤭

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