Margot Robbie Wears Chanel At The 78th Annual Golden Globes

I genuinely didn’t expect to see Margot so soon on the red carpet as due to time zone differences, it’s usually at least 2am before I see a glimpse of her.

This is the only picture we have of Margot so far with her “attending the red carpet”, not in the normal circumstances due to Covid-19. She is wearing a full length print dress from the Chanel Spring 2021 Collection. Hopefully we will get a full look soon!

Due to the quality of the image, I can’t be certain these are exact, but I think Margot is wearing a pair of Chanel Étoile Filante Earrings from the Comète Collection (one of my personal favourites). These 18K white gold earrings are available for £7,000.

I’m still working on identifying Margot’s exact belt, shoes and bag but to finish of her jewellery, she wore a Chanel 18K White Gold Diamond ring from the “Ruban” Collection.

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