Margot Walking Through NYC

Talk about making a colour statement! On the 29th November 2017, while doing promo, Margot was pictured while walking in New York City.

Margot was pictured wearing I Am Gia Axle Pants in Red. These are so popular that unfortunately, they are currently out of stock!

How great to see Margot with a new pair of boots, especially embellished ones as they are quite my favourite! She wore a pair of Rag & Bone Benson Chelsea Boots that currently retail for $650.

New handbag alert! Margot carried a Prada Velvet & Leather Corsaire Messenger Bag, that is available right now for £1760. Fluffy keyring not included sadly.

And another alert for new sunglasses – just how many does Margot have! She wore a pair of Quay AU X Kylie 20’s Black Sunglasses, that are very cheap right now for £50.

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