Once Upon A Time In Hollywood LA Premiere

As of right now, I am pretty certain this is my favourite Margot look of the year so far! She is wearing a White version of this beautiful #Chanel draped silk dress from the Chanel Fall Couture 2019 Collection. Needless to say, it isn’t available for purchase. I am quite happy with this choice as it actually was part of my Instagram stories where I selected Chanel items from this collection I’d like Margot to wear!

This is a tentative match for Margot’s shoes as I cannot get a clearer look at them – I believe she is wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo Minny’s 100mm, a favourite of Margot’s, in metallic Gold. I will update if this is wrong.

For jewellery, Margot forgo other accessories except for a statement pair of earrings. Here, she wore the Chanel Baroque Collection earrings. These feature Pearls, Mother of Pearl and diamonds.

Another statement piece; Margot carried a Chanel Medal Coin Bag from the Cruise 2017/2018 collection. Thank you @kristenjstewartcloset for sending me this ID!