Osheaga Festival Day 1

1st August 2015

Enjoying some time down after the filming of Suicide Squad, Margot and her fellow cast members, including boyfriend Tom, attended the Osheaga Festival, Day 1, in Montreal, Quebec.

Margot’s full white look is the #AliceMcCall Serve and Volley Top and Skirt, no longer available to buy. Thank you @twigham for this ID!

For footwear, she wore a classic pair of #Converse All Star Dainty Low Tops in White, priced at £50.00.

She wore a pair of #OliverPeoples ‘Shaelie’ Sunglasses.

Margot wore around her waist an #AmericanApparel Nylon Cordura Fanny Pack in Red and Blue, now sold out.

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