Well here it is, our first official post covering the fashion of Barbie in the Barbie movie! Just as a note before we get into the nitty gritty, not every piece of fashion will be covered. This is primarily due to the amount of custom costumes and pieces included in this movie. I also have not been able to ID everything. However I am hopeful once the movie is released digitally that we can have a better look.

Starting us of is the 1st look we get of Barbie. If you don’t know by now, this iconic shot is a custom swimsuit piece based on the original 1959 Barbie Doll.

Using Margot’s own legs as the model for the plastic shot in the trailer and the movie, Barbie wore a pair of Maison Ernest “Lidylle” in Black 120mm. They’re available for €495. Margot also wore a pair of these in Red while attending the UK photocall of the movie.

A replica of the doll earrings, Barbie’s Gold hoop’s are a bespoke creation designed by Karin Andreasson Jewellery. These are made to order, which can be done so through their website.

Lastly, for this look, I believe Barbie may be wearing a pair of Andy Wolf “Jan” Cate Eye sunglasses in White, on sale for $160.

I haven’t managed to find other details on Barbie’s look here, including her highly coveted necklace and earrings but I did manage to locate an accessory regarding her footwear! Contrary to what you might think, the embellished hearts are not an original piece of her satin pumps, but rather they are the Crimson Pink “Mandy” Shoeclips. These are limited edition and currently available for £50 for the pair.

During parts of the montage, this particular look while with the Barbie President, Barbie wore a full tweed look, including hat, from the Chanel Pre Fall 2020 Collection.

For footwear, she wore a pair of Chanel Pink Suede T Bar Pumps.

Her necklace is a Chanel CC Pearl and Strass with diamond necklace from the Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection. I am still searching her earrings, possibly Chanel also.

Applauding the Barbie Winner, Stereotypical Barbie was dressed in a full Chanel look from their Spring/Summer 1995 Collection, as modelled by Claudia Schiffer.

Complementing her look, she wore a Maison Michel Light Pink “Kiki” Felt Hat with Faux Pearls.

Lastly, she wore a pair of Chanel Metal, Glass Pearls & Strass Earrings from the Pre Fall 2022 Collection.

Another look in the montage scene, and one of my personal favourites, Barbie is styled in a Chanel Lavender Blue Tweed Skirt Suit from the Spring 1995 Collection.

She also wore a brooch from the same collection. I believe her earrings are also Chanel, from the same collection.

Skipping over a few scenes (as I don’t yet have ID’s for them) while discussing her foot problem, Barbie is wearing a Juicy Fruit Brooches Vintage Anchor Bangle in Blue. You can purchase this on Etsy for £27.48 in Blue or Red.

Her earrings, as posted before, are the Sugar and Vice Blue Anchor Earrings, available for £16.00 on Etsy.

Lastly, behind her, is a pair of Aldo Trixie Wedge Trainers on sale for £49.00.

In perhaps the most iconic moment of the movie, achieved by sticky labels and a bar to hold on, Barbie is wearing a pair of Gina “Malibu” Sandals in Baby Pink Satin. The bedazzled heel really makes this a shoe to remember and is priced at £795.

While meeting with Weird Barbie to discuss her current predicament, Stereotypical Barbie wore a pair of Isle of Clay Retro Inspired White Oval Earrings. The price is £18 and I can’t wait to swipe a pair!

Utterly obsessed with this entire look although sadly I am only able to confirm at least what Barbie’s footwear.

Having a “Barbie” with Ken, she is wearing a pair of Castaner Brini Pink Wedges.

Still in their journey to the Real World, Barbie and Ken were dressed in Chanel, with Barbie styled in Chanel Fall 2022/2023 Collection Ski Jacket. Ken’s outfit was custom made for the movie, a first by Chanel.

She also wore pants from the same collection.

Her boots are the Chanel Faux Fur Boots, also worn by Ken.

Lastly, Barbie wore a pair of Chanel Shield Sunglasses Pink and Blue Mirror Lens.

On the next stage of her journey into the Real World with Ken, Barbie skates wearing 80’s inspired fashion with a pair of custom Impala Lightspeed Inline Skate in Barbie Bright Yellow, available for £163.99.

She had added protection while wearing also the Impala Adult Protective Pack in Barbie Bright Yellow, including the Knee and Elbow Pads.

After entering Real World, Barbie and Ken changed into new attire which included these Liu Jo Guenda 21 Leather Cowboy Boots.

She also wore a pair of Butler And Wilson Crystal Star With Shower Drop Earrings (contrary to what some people have posted, these are not YSL).

Putting their plan together to ensure the return of Barbie Land as it was, all the Barbies worked together wearing custom Hot Pink Jumpsuits, designed by the costume department. Stereotypical Barbie wore her Aldo Trixie Wedge Trainers on sale for £49.00.

She also wore a pair of Chanel CC Fuschia 1349/3P Sunglasses.

For her date with Ken, Barbie is wearing a Chanel Pink Tweed Mini Dress with front pockets.

She again wore her Chanel Pink Suede T Bar Pumps.

She carried a custom Chanel Vintage Pink Quilted Leather Heart Bag.

A truly standout piece from the movie, from a fashion perspective, Barbie also wore a Chanel customised Multi Coloured Diamond necklace, from the Chanel Spring 1995 Collection.

While being truly serenaded by Ken, Barbie wore a Guess Nelia Broderie Angalise Top. I have not yet ID’d her other items.

I am not fully certain on this ID, but I believe that Barbie, wearing a custom Yellow dress made by the costume department, may be wearing a pair Steve Madden Sunflower White Wedges.

Another piece highly coveted by fans, is Barbie’s Missoma Ridge Heart Gold Plated Charm Pendant Necklace, available for £159.00.

Lastly, and for the last scene of the movie, Barbie is wearing a Hansen And Gretel “Theodore” Jacket in the shade Mocha. This particular shade is part of the Spring release that hasn’t come out yet. You can still shop the Ecru, pictured, or Black for AUD$329.

Her jeans were a bit harder for me to ID the exact version but I think Margot may be wearing the A Brand Jeans A 94 High Slim Gina, priced at $89.95. I’ll update if this is incorrect.

Her footwear is a pair of Birkenstock Arizona High Shine Big Buckle Sandals in Light Rose available on Free People for £148.

She carried a Mansur Gavriel Everyday Soft Tote in the shade Dahlia, priced at £665.

In certain photos, Margot can be seen wearing a pair of Poppy Lissiman Marteeni Clear Peach Sunglasses, available for AUD$140.

Last, but certainly not least, Margot may be wearing a Tegen Looped Pelican Clip that’s available for £7.95. I’ll update if this is wrong! But it is a great dupe and a great price!