Birds of Prey Fashion Masterpost

In the video snippet of the official cast reveal, you can catch a brief glimpse of Harley wearing United Nude Molten Cali Hi White Mesh Printed Boots. I can’t distinguish the heel size however the higher is £220, and the lower being £190.

The details are iffy due to the image quality, but I believe Harley Quinn is wearing a pair of Isabel Marant Lamsy metal-trimmed leather cowboy boots – £835

Isabel Marant Lileas ruched leather ankle boots

Hello Harley’s jacket! The designer is Michelle Uberreste! The jacket itself consists of a clear PVC vest, with piped Black detailing, zip and buckle front. According to her Instagram, the shredded confetti were custom added! She has mentioned on her FB page that she is taking custom orders, but that might not be the case right now.

The shredded confetti was custom added to the PVC vest by Commercial Costuming alongside Ryan Armistead.

In a blink and miss scene from the movie, at one point Harley grabs a rainbow sequin bumbag while on the run. This bag was purchased from a stall in a local market in Los Angeles for the movie!

Thank you @evildollcosplay 💕 As Harley Quinn, in at least one scene we know Margot will be wearing the Topshop Austin Metallic Fringe Leather Jacket. Unfortunately this is sold out everywhere, but perhaps you can find them on websites such as ebay, poshmark and depop!

In this particular scene, Harley is rocking a pair of Cape Robbins Terra Sequin Boots. Unfortunately this particular colour is sold out, however you can buy a pair of their mermaid Green sequin boots for $59.99!

The designer of her blazer has been found! As I initially believed, the blazer is a custom piece by Discount Universe. On searching their website, you can see various pieces featuring similar elements to Margot’s custom look. For example the sequin fire patches are featured in this hoodie. I also had a look on their collections and Harley’s blazer, to me, is reminiscent in terms of the style of blazer to their Australia Resort 2019 Collection. The graphics, including the fire, is featured also in their Spring 2019 Collection.

Her metallic silver and brown leather trousers are by Isabel Marant, leading me to wonder if they are a go to designer for this movie as Harley has also been rocking various pairs of the brands boots! The pants are currently available for £825!

In another scene, Harley is seen presumably being kicked out of her house that she shares with The Joker. While carrying her box of belongings, we can see she is wearing a t-shirt with collage graphic on the front. Harley’s t-shirt appears to be custom based on the original Gallery Department Good Luck Cotton Long Sleeve t-shirt. The great news is that the Large and Extra Large sizes are still available for £80!

The t-shirt features the distinctive ‘Earth Crisis’ headlines as well as the Gallery Depart. monogram. In Harley’s version, it also includes ‘Art That Kills’, as well as Gotham City.

Still looking the cutest ever, Harley is also wearing a pair of Steve Madden Faux Fur furry slipper with ears. These are available to buy on Amazon still for $18.00.

From the trailer we see Harley sporting a pair of pretty gnarly leather gloves. Her new gloves are the Uncuffed Leather Opera Leather Fingerless Gloves. This sport a multicoloured hand design on the entire length, and according to the designer, represent the idea of sisterhood. Pretty apt for Birds of Prey don’t you think?

Thanks to @sararomanoff who notified me that while Birds of Prey is being presented via panels, artwork and more at NYCC, it was revealed also who the designer was. Harley’s custom necklace, with various charms such as a dog bone, key, her hammer and more was created by Billie Valentine.

Another neat find! With thanks also to @lamaisongagax for this one. In a number of scenes in the movie, as well as the promotional material, Harley can be seen wearing a velvet top under her Gold overalls and in other scenes, her confetti jacket.

We now know that this creation is by GCDS and is from their Spring 2019 Collection. What it also tells us is that the top is also connected to a via clip to the bottom half. I have included a closeup of this image in the edit above.

Another item featuring heavily throughout the movie will be Harley’s pair of chain and stud earrings. This set, created by Billie Valentine, can be bought for $63.00.

Another pair of earrings, which appear to be slightly customised from Harley’s original, is this Billie Valentine Tri-Star and Cuff Earring set. This set is priced at $60.00. (I haven’t seen all trailers or clips so if they are seen on screen, I haven’t seen it)

Once again she is wearing a Billie Valentine creation. This time her necklace features less charms than the previous piece. The silver curb chain includes rhombus and jax charms. It is priced at $96.00.

This outfit in particular is one of the most requested items that I can asked about and finally I have some ID’s that I can share! In the club scene we can see Harley wearing a very snazzy sequin embellished coat. I believe this to be The Attico Paneled Sequin Crepe and Velvet Midi Dress with wrap effect. Unfortunately this is no longer available for purchase. Thank you @nadjabarnes and @dollfacemrsj!

I am still searching for Harley’s top under this, as well as her pants (and rings), but we do know that she wearing a Alexia Hentsch “Fluo Stars” Star Print Appliqué Bodysuit. The multicoloured stars are attached to a transparent mesh and has a round neck and long sleeves. It is priced at £295 however it is currently sold out, but you can still possibly order from their website. Thank you @kristina_ye!

I am still clarifying an ID for her pants, but I can reveal that Harley’s white belt in the club scene was also custom made.

A scene that I am personally excited for, during this part Harley is emanating rock power by wearing a Dolls Kill “Current Mood” Burning Fuel Mesh Bodysuit. Harley’s is slightly customised, possibly over another bodysuit, with the flames and stars still noticeable. This is sadly sold out.

In scenes featuring her Harley F*****g Quinn tshirt, Harley is also rocking another unique earring. This time she is wearing the ISLYNYC Petal Fringe Ear Hook, available now for only $30.00! The hook itself has pieces imported from Japan, with the laser cut petals handmade in New York City.

This item was another commonly requested part of Harley’s fashion and we finally have an ID for it! Under her star bodysuit, Harley wore a This Is A Love Song Logo Bikini Classic Hot Pink Top. Due to copyright reasons, I am assuming, the TIALS logo has been removed. This cutout bra is available to buy for £36.56 or easy pay installments with Afterpay. Please note that a quarter of proceeds of this bra (the hot pink version) will be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank you @satanic_babayyyy_666 for this ID!

If you’re still searching for Harley’s onsie, unfortunately you may be out of luck – as the clothing was bought of a random listing on Amazon. The cat ears were then custom added to the hood.

Unfortunately I don’t have an ID for her actual onsie yet but for those who are curious about her patches, I have an ID! Harley cried tears over her relationship while wearing a cat ear onsie adorned with Cousins Collective Crying Heart Chenille in Pink & Red. This patch can be ironed or sewed on any item of clothing or acessory. It is currently available to buy for £6.00!

Slowly but surely we are completing this outfit! In her main look of the movie, and probably most iconic, Harley is wearing and embelished pair of Articles of Society “Meredith” Destroyed Hem Denim Shorts. These are currently sold out sadly.

Two items that are highly requested in my IG DM’s, I can reveal that Harley’s lock leather belt and her orange suspenders are both custom. A similar Rodarte belt can be bought online.

Sadly not as prominent under her jacket is this amazing catsuit! Harley is wearing a customised version of the Burnt Soul Amazon Catsuit, which as an apt leopard print strip in the center. It is unavailable to buy now, however Burnt Soul did say that it will hopefully be added as a custom made product next week to buy!

Another, and very highly requested, ID has been made for Harley! During the scene where she purchases her new best friend, Bruce, she is wearing a pair of very snazzy sneakers. Unfortunately we can’t see them clearly in the movie but the in set shots gave us a clearer view.

Thanks to @chia_batsy we now know that Harley is wearing a pair of Reebok 2009 Limited Edition Trainers from the Chinese New Year Collection. Specifically, hers is the “Year of the Ox”. Unfortunately these are no longer available, but perhaps try sites such as Poshmark!

Wearing the same tshirt, though in a different scene, we can see Harley wearing a snazzy sequin pair of shorts. These are the Arsimus Patriotic Star & Stripes Sequin Shorts, still available for $34.99.

This outfit is still one of my favourites and I hope at some point in the future we have a full view picture of it! Harley’s master of disguise outfit in the police station, including coat, scarf and hat were all custom made.

I’ve posted details on this outfit quite a while back, all custom made for the movie, but I finally have an ID for her sunglasses! Harley is wearing a pair of Barton Perreira “Wahine” Beveled Cat Eye Sunglasses in Heroine Chic/Bottle Green. They will soon be available to buy for $415.

Another outfit I would have loved to have seen more of, in her hair cutting scene Harley is wearing a Raquel Allegra Fringe-Trimmed Tie-Dye T-Shirt. I have added a similar version in terms of pattern above but the correct colour is in my stories! It’s sold out sadly.

In the iconic ending scene of the movie, Harley drives of into the sunset wearing a pair of Planet I “Extraterrestrial” Red Glitter Lens Sunglasses that were customised with Swarovski crystals.