Although I don’t have an exact match for Margot’s homemade t-shirt, I wanted to post it anyway due to the fact that not only does it feature picture of Margot from the last Céline concert she attended, but also the very descriptive ‘Kween Celine’ caption!

I didn’t think that I’d be able to find her jeans, but with big thanks to @callmethebreeze who very kindly DM’d me the ID, I can! Margot wore a pair of  REDONE High Rise Stove Pipe 70S AF. They are available for AUD$299, with it also possible to use Afterpay or ZipPay to make installment payments of shopping from Call Me The Breeze website. Margot purchased these from Call Me The Breeze’s store!

Another new item in Margot’s closet! Although the pictures are quite blurry, I am quite confident to say that Margot is wearing a pair of St Agni Mae Knit Loafers that are available for AUD$279.00. Using the link given, if you buy through Call Me The Breeze, you can once again use Afterpay or ZipPay to make installment payments.

Another finally found item for the website! It took me a while but I can finally say that the nifty accessory Margot has been using since last year for her phone is the LeiLoop Crossbody Phonecase Necklace in Green Camuflage. It is available for $24.95 for various phone models including iPhone and Samsung.

If you swipe left you’ll see an item we haven’t seen in a while; Margot wore her Maison LaBiche Bad Boy Cap in the colour Khaki. It is now unavailable to buy.