Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 Show

We finally have our first official post of 2022 and it’s also our first event look of Margot in 2022! Today Margot was in attendance of the Haute Couture show, which was held in Paris France.

For the show, and after dinner, Margot wore a pinafore style dress from the Chanel Spring 2022 Collection. From the same collection, she also wore a White buttoned jacket.

For her footwear choice, Margot wore a pair of #Chanel Patent Calfskin Ankle Boots in White, available for £1,210.

Margot wore quite a few pieces of jewellery, all from #Chanel of course. On her left hand she wore their Quilted Motif Large Ring from the “Coco Crush” Collection, possibly in 18K Beige Gold, priced at £2,900.

Her rings, a mixture on her two hands, are possibly, again from the Coco Crush collection, the Quilted Motif 18K Beige Gold with Diamonds Mini Version Ring, £2,900, the Quilted Motif 18K Beige Gold Plain Mini Ring, £1,150 and also the 18K White Gold Mini Version ring, £1,200.

Finding her earrings has proven a little difficult as I cannot get a closer look, but she may be wearing one each of the Coco Crush Quilted Motif 18K Beige Gold, £2,950 and Coco Crush Quilted Motif 18K White Gold with Diamonds, £4,700.

A big thank you to @styleofritaora & @lamaisongaga for supporting me in chat to find these 🙂

I’m laughing because, funny story, I spent time searching for her bag in the bag section of the Chanel website (which I thoroughly hate with a passion) and it turns out this is NOT a bag, but in fact a #Chanel Lambskin Quilted Airpods Case with Chain. It’s a hefty price of £2,970.