‘I, Tonya’ Premiere in New York

Promotion for I, Tonya means attending a lot of premieres, and for the event in New York, Margot wore an entire look from Calvin Klein 205w39nyc. For her top, she wore the Calvin Klein 205w39nyc Lace Collared Blouse, that retails for $1,700.

For her bottoms, Margot wore Calvin Klein 205W39nyc Lace Flat-Front Trousers that feature a Black stripe on the side. These retail for $1,600.

Margot also wore a camel colour version of the Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Suede Trench Coat, that is currently not for sale. I definitely would have preferred this look without the coat.

Thank you to @robantden on for directing me to the exact pair that Margot wore! When she attended the I, Tonya premiere in NYC, she wore The Kaiya pump by Calvin Klein and are available for $545