We love seeing Margot having the time of her life and we also love to see her fashion moments never ending!

In recent pictures posted by her friends, we can see Margot wearing a Kristin Mallison Vintage Tapestry Mini Dress, that currently is on pre-order and retailing for $625.

The tapestry print is attributed to the French artist, Jean Baptiste Amédée Couder, featuring a Royal Asian Elephant.

Thank you to Kristin for the images of her dress and the info regarding it! Also thank you to @adeleworethat for finding the designer ❤️ Oh and thanks to @styleofsiennamiller for the heads up in the pics!

Took me a while to get an ID on these but thanks to @styleontelevision who helped me! Margot accessories her perfect look with a pair of Jennifer Behr “Giovanna” Earrings. These Art Deco inspired earrings are available for £255.