Launch Of Gabrielle Chanel Essence

For those who may not know, not only is Margot an ambassador for Chanel, hence why she wears a lot of the designer on the red carpet, but recently she was also announced as the face for their new perfume; Gabrielle.

For the event, Margot wore a ruffled one shoulder top, complete with belt from the Chanel Fall Couture 2019 Collection. I do partly wish that Margot’s had her hair styled similar to the model so we could really appreciate her look. But I love how silky it looks 😍

From the same look of the runway, Margot also wore the pants from the Chanel Fall Couture 2019 Collection. I do appreciate the feather detail at the bottom but I definitely think they look better in motion than static. As for her footwear, I cannot see them clearly to make a positive ID.

One of my favourite Chanel jewellery collections is the Comète collection and I do enjoy seeing Margot wearing them. She wore a new pair of the Chanel Comète Shooting Star earrings, made from 18K White Gold, with diamonds in the center. Price is available upon request.

Margot also wore a matching Chanel Comète Shooting Star ring, also in 18K White Gold and Diamonds. Again, the price is available upon request.

Margot did also carry a clutch that I have yet to find.