Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Fashion Masterpost

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood has been released in the USA and we will seeing more snippets of Margot as Sharon Tate. It’s fair to say that Sharon was a fashion icon of the 60’s, with a number of memorable looks. From what we can see in trailers and promotional images so far, the costume department is taking inspiration from many of her looks, without being direct replicas (with certain exceptions). In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, the costume designer Arianne Phillips spoke about the pieces in the movie. Margot’s looks as Sharon Tate are a combination of vintage pieces, custom made and in one rare instance, an actual item once owned by Sharon Tate.

An exciting find is the exact piece that Margot wore in the dancing scene with The Mama’s and Papa’s; a buttercup yellow flared sleeve blouse and hot pants combo by designer Ossie Clark. Both were bought from the vintage couture shop, Timeless Vixen. The ensemble dates back to the mid 70’s and was also slightly altered via the hem on the blouse.

Probably the most poignant item of Margot’s wardrobe as Sharon is the fact that Debbie Tate, Sharon’s sister, graciously made the decision to lend an exact item from Sharon’s jewellery. In various shots in the movie, including some promotional images and BTS, you can see Margot wearing Sharon’s braided, chain link ring.

In a behind the scenes shot, as well as the official movie poster, we can see Margot wearing a pair of Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II Sunglasses. These are available for £136 or also easy installments. Thank you @little.miss.jordan for the ID!

Margot’s snakeskin coat is a replica of the Ossie Clarke original, worn by Sharon to the premiere of Rosemary’s Baby in January 1969.

In a screenshot of Margot’s dress worn during the ‘go-go dancing’ scene, according to Arianne, this was discovered in Vintage on Hollywood. The dress itself features the word ‘Hollywood’ at various angles, as well as a keyhole cutout in front.