Although I hope we get to see Margot as Barbie in other costumes, I am happy to try and keep finding ID’s for her current look.

As always with any of my ID’s for her movie costumes, please do not take these matches as 100% exact until we can see better pictures. I’m not responsible if you purchase something that turns out to not be the exact same 🙈

Anyway, I strongly suspect that during todays filming at Venice Beach, Margot may be wearing a custom pair of Impala Lightspeed Inline Skates. This colour combo pictured is available to buy on their site for €69.95.

Just a small ID, nothing major for this look. While on set as Barbie in the self titled movie, Margot is wearing Impala Skate Adult Protective Elbow & Knee Protective Pads. Margot’s is obviously custom but you can get the above colour combo for £43.99.