The Suicide Squad Fashion Masterpost

And here we have our first official fashion ID for Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad (2021)! I am so super excited to see Margot as Harley again and I’m in love with her costume this time round! Onto the good stuff!

After a lot of zooming and going through individual frames, I strongly believe that Harley is wearing a (slightly) customised pair of Gucci Lace Up Ankle Boots. If you look closely you can see the red laces and gold eyelets. Harleys possibly has added straps, but I cannot be sure. These are still available to buy online including Matchesfashion for $1,190!

I try my best to get Harley ID’s and I am fairly certain this is a match, thanks to @harlslilmonster!

I believe Harley Quinn has a new choker design in the form of the Tania Clarke Hall Neck Raffle Black and Red Choker. Made from Black saddle leather, it features a red edge, ribbon tie and adjustable o-rings. It is available to purchase for £280.

If it’s not an exact, it’s a bloody good dupe 🤭

I am very fairly confident that Harley in TSS is wearing a pair of Aquazurra Ruffle Suede Slingback Sandals in the colour Lipstick. These are available on Flannels for £159.

This is an 𝘦𝘹𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘭𝘺 tentative match but if they’re not exact then they’re definitely the closest dupe. Throughout the 2nd half of the movie, Harley ‘borrows’ a pair of boots. These may possibly be a pair of McRae Footwear Black All Leather Combat Boots with Panama Sole. They’re available for $139.95. Thank you to @shotinthedarkwithyou for bringing these to my attention!

Happy to share another Harley Quinn ID for you all! Throughout the movie, Harley is wearing a Chrisha Bana “The Preservation” Conch Cuff. This Sterling silver plated rhodium cuff is priced at $120, and are custom made in the USA!