Walking in London with Tom and Boo Radley

It feels so long since we last saw Margot and Tom together, especially with so many events cancelled due to the pandemic. Unfortunately we’ve missed out on a lot of potential appearances and fashion moments with Margot so we take what we can get!

I haven’t ID’d her jeans yet, but Margot is wearing a Saturdays NYC “Aaron” Slub Cotton and Linen-Blend Sweatshirt. Unfortunately it has recently went out of stock. Thank you @dakotajohnsonscloset!

For footwear, she wore a new pair of Dries Van Noten Embellished Leather Sandals in the colour Tan. These are available to buy for $372.50. Thank you @choltstyle and @styleoflilyjames!

Lastly, although the image isn’t totally clear, I think Margot may be carrying a Call Me The Breeze “Kate” Rattan Fruit Basket. This is available to purchase for $159.00.