It feels so long since we last saw Margot and Tom together, especially with so many events cancelled due to the pandemic. Unfortunately we’ve missed out on a lot of potential appearances and fashion moments with Margot so we take what we can get!

I haven’t ID’d her jeans yet, but Margot is wearing a Saturdays NYC “Aaron” Slub Cotton and Linen-Blend Sweatshirt. Unfortunately it has recently went out of stock. Thank you @dakotajohnsonscloset!

For footwear, she wore a new pair of Dries Van Noten Embellished Leather Sandals in the colour Tan. These are available to buy for $372.50. Thank you @choltstyle and @styleoflilyjames!

Lastly, although the image isn’t totally clear, I think Margot may be carrying a Call Me The Breeze “Kate” Rattan Fruit Basket. This is available to purchase for $159.00.