25th January 2016

Fay Navy Blue Hooded Tweed Coat

Isabel Marant Harmon Black Cotton Linen Mini Skirt With Buckles

Just casually posting what is probably the most coveted item in Margot’s wardrobe, at least with me anyway. Working with @twigham on IG, we both went on a long journey to discover ‘The Boot’s’. It’s actually a long story but that’s for another day. On with the ID, worn multiple times in 2016 and 2017, Margot’s black platform ankle boots are Céline, from the Phoebe Philo Collection. Unfortunately even though these are not officially for sale right now, I did manage to find a second hand pair on The Real Real. Priced at $325.00, they are a Size: 12.

Personalised Burberry Spring 2016 Rucksack Bag

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